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hand moved down and found his legs ready for me, my fingers slide along her slit too. Its opening was already wet pussy and diffusion, wet me with her ​​clitoris, which grew rapidly under my touch - which is really excited, she later said was the construction of the long so far, that has you so worked milfsex up there. I milfsex was gently forward and back in my fingers into her pussy for the juice back to her clitoris. Meanwhile, Sue had been squeezed my cock and feeling my balls usually keep my erection. Alan had been watching their backs on the bed, and occasionally play anywhereI was not. He asked me if I care what I play. I've never had something I agreed to learn. He came to us and felt around my penis and testicles, and then leaned over and took my milfsex cock in your mouth and suck me more tender. It was really exciting milfsex and I had to concentrate not to explode. Then he went to kiss his wife, his lips go directly from my cock into her mouth. She turned to him and patted each other. I stroked her ass and ass crack and then think " on a dime. " And bending over to touch his penis. I quickly followed my finger to his lips, kissing and sucking cock and ball sack. I was milfsex hooked on a bi- sex. While under the bed, it becomes Sue and took my cock in her mouth, lying on its side
Quotes . She spread her legs and let my head to go between them. As we were busy in 69 with the tongue, Alan was behind her, pressed his cock along her slit and her pussy. What should be in a withird of my dick in the mouth of a beautiful young woman, my tongue on her clitoris, and fucks her man 's cock right before my eyes. The joy was complete when I leaned forward and spread the shock of the language, so that swept over her clitoris and his penis to his balls, while came and went. Sue complained loudly. It was time to change again, and I approached Sue, with their tails between their legs. Alan reached down and took them into her pussy and then knelt behind us watching. confess, it was not long until he now fills her pussy with my cum - my orgasm seemed to last an eternity, I was shaking and moaning. I slipped and Alan turned and went straight where he was. He struck away and soon reached their climax Sue and Alan said his sperm into my account. We stayed for a few moments of kissing and cuddling and then got up to wash and dress. I felt like they wanted me out so it could continue, so that 's what happened. This experience has stayed with me for 25 yearss - my first pair, my first bi experience, and some of the best sex I ever had. I also confess that it was in those carefree days when we used condoms with prostitutes.


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When I was 35, I went to college to train to become a teacher. Although I went home on weekends, I started to contact magazines to try to have some fun sexy. I'm not doing very well until I finally met early Sunday afternoon with a couple near Banbury - I call Alan, 29 years, and Sue 23rd thin, curvy We were nervous because it was the first once in a threesome for us all, but I think Alan has more experience before marrying Sue. Sue was dressed in a green robe, but does not show much. He sat beside me on the couch while we chatted and drank. I was not sure if anything to do with it or not, and he refrained. Finally, after some milfsex time, which seemed to have their opinions and Alan suggested that we saw a blue film (pre -video days, 1980), who was in the bedroom. We walked and played with milfsex the projector, while Sue was lying in bed. I decided to take the plunge and asked if he was good shooting. Soon the three of us were to be naked, with Sue and I lieg in bed, while Alan started the film and turned off the light. We have seen the movie but Sue and I started playing. At first we kissed their hands and then approached the body of another. Her breasts were of medium size, but firmly, stand out with beautiful pink nipples. I bent milfsex to kiss and then took a nipple into her mouth to suck a while. My right